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MR GRINDSMITH COVERS clear wite medium.

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Can’t Knock The Hustle

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Critically acclaimed debut album

Can't See Me Freestyle [VIDEO]

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Kicking strictly for the cash flow/
bout to topple this shit up just like we castro/
canavelli, makavelli be my cast yo/
fathered by the streets aint no need to test homez/
i’m from the city where them silly niggaz blast yo/
from OG’s to petty thieves they pack toasts/
competin wit titty who can really tap most/
competin to see who can really stack more/
ayo them black corners? ni99az run that!/
enclack privilege of a slum cat/
mother fucker i’m that/
i’m black/
young and on my grind zero fucks given/
i aint bout no gimmicks or pretend i just live it/
if i put a hustle in a rhyme i just did it/
ask and be denied all my ni99az just get it/
tunnel vision steez can’t see yall ni99az/
if you hatin me i wouldn’t wana be yall ni99az/
cause i’m a locomotive/
ill muntu flow so emotive/
and before i go to hell ima live/
hence i’m cuttin fat tracks tryna get up in a gini/
with the windows all black so you ni99az can’t see me/


- Can’t See Me Freestyle Lyrics

A Testament of Passion and persistence

Homie if it can’t be done I’ll do it in a Buggatti…

–Mr G

About Mr Grindsmith Discover What CapiTAAL_EAST Means

Some call him the Malcolm X of Black Capital. Others call him the Profound Hustler. Everyone else calls him Mr. Money.

But you can call him Mr. Grindsmith.

Unlike anything seen in SA hip hop – Mr. Grindsmith represents the hustler with a corporate mind state and a handle on the streets.

With a distinct style reminiscent of the Biggy smalls era, sharp flows and creative story telling skills, his debut album is driving hustlers everywhere bananas.

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